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After coming back to Ames from our field trip in Las Vegas we split in teams and started working on our two different sites in the downtown area. Currently there are two team that are focusing on the Victory Hotel site, and one other team on the Veterans Village site, which is in the south part of downtown. My team and I are working on the south downtown site. So far, we had a 36 hour charette, for which we had to come up with objectives, a schedule and some preliminary design ideas. After our team brain storming we realised that we want to increase the density of the built environment, we want to continue the work that’s been done at the Veterans Village. In terms of program our main proposals would be residential and commercial use. Also we want to focus on a urban farm to provide some opportunities for jobs for the veterans that will reside in the area.

Clicking here you can see an aerial view of our initial proposal for this site.

Some of our team name proposals so far were Bermuda Triangle, ReVegasizesters or Infinity Redux. These are some images of our studio space right now: happy board 1 & happy board 2


20150223_135753this is a drawing I did over the weekend with regards to shading and form base code


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