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January 21, 2015 / Design studio / 0 Comments

I came across some interesting readings while documenting the character and material of the city. One of them is Learning from Las Vegas by Robert Venturi. I think there is a lot more than what people usually think or how they perceive this particular place. I’m really looking forward to our field trip almost 2 weeks from now. I want to see how my personal experience with the city is going to impact my research as opposed to just reading and documenting with pictures and articles. I think there’s a fair amount of contrast that I will notice, as Venturi wrote, “the zone of the highway is a shared order. The zone off the highway is an individual order. The elements of the highway are civic. The buildings and signs are private. In combination they embrace continuity and discontinuity, going and stopping, clarity and ambiguity, cooperation and competition, the community and rugged individualism.”

A lot of my research is going to focus on the signs and neon culture, as materials, and how they generate the character of a place. This is a time lapse video that gave me an idea of understanding some key concepts that really intrigue me at this point: imitation concept, the mirage and alternative reality concept, night versus day concept etc.


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