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-“sunny place for shady people”

The sign typology:
Wood Signs
Magnetic Signs
Carved Wood Signs
Coroplast Signs
Corrugated Plastic Signs
Plastic Signs
PVC Signs
Acrylic Signs
Neon Signs
Metal Signs
Aluminum Signs
Corrugated Signs
Vinyl Banners & Vinyl Signs




– The lack of identity now creates the city’s identity itself.
– Use of terracotta, adobe implies a potential for thermal mass strategies.
– How to live in the desert: you rest during daytime in the shadow, and walk by night.
– The sign culture of Las Vegas is a defining character statement for the city.
– It’s a city that praises excess and abundance, almost like defying natural order in such an unmerciful place. Opulence and consumerism are also part of the city’s character. The distinct separation between night time and daytime, and the transformations of the same space during the two.
– There’s a clear imitation motif within the city’s planning and design process (ex. The Eiffel tower, egiptian pyramid etc).
– Another concept related to the imitation tendency is the alternative reality created by such a place, the so called mirage, or fata morgana.
– There is an interesting public vs. private aspect when it comes to experiencing the city. Another contrast is light vs dark, or light vs. artificial light even better.

-The car in these conditions becomes a part of the material, especially the parking lot. It raises the question of weather or not the parking lot is a part of the build environment and how we perceive it as architects.

“The zone of the highway is a shared order. The zone off the highway is an individual order . The elements of the highway are civic. The buildings and signs are private. In combination they embrace continuity and discontinuity, going and stopping, clarity and ambiguity, cooperation and competition, the community and rugged individualism.”


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