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January 28, 2015 / Design studio / 0 Comments

We had our first big group discussion yesterday. Everyone in studio was in charge of different aspects of Las Vegas, like for example demographics, economics, form based code etc. As I mentioned in earlier posts I am doing my research on the character of the city. My main focus was on the signs and how the street experience of the space influences our perception of the identity of the city. Here are my boards:


From the discussion with the group the key aspects that I should keep in mind are the following:

– my images could be larger and better coordinated with the plans below

– I should focus more on the downtown area

– my presentation could be more clear if I structure the takeaways better

– the conclusions seemed to be appreciated and provide help for the group

– I should be able to explain better the imitation and contrast aspects of Las Vegas


What I will focus on from here on giving the feedback that I received is:

– more boards and larger images in clear relation to the plan of the downtown area

– triple T (this is what I will talk about, this is the content, these are the main things that I talked about)


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